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Holiday Drawing Commissions


For the second holiday season in a row, I’m open for drawing commissions! New this time: I also have existing art—both from my represented artists and from myself (rare, I know!)—available for purchase!

You can:

1) Request custom drawings of anything you want! (For example, Robin Rios asked me to create a cartoon of her sculptures interacting, and this was the result.) $18 cartoon, $36 combination cartoon & realistic, and $63 realistic.

2) (New this year!) Buy any of my available* sketches from my Scribble Sunday series (http://artistsonthelam.tumblr.com/tagged/scribble-sunday). *(The ones I exhibited at LEXICON have been sold, and the childhood art I’ve shared isn’t for sale.) The Good Dog and Summertime Sadness are $45, Of Dragons and Hero are $54, Ghostbuster is $81, Mood is $99, and each sketch in the Gossamer series is $198.

3) (New this year!) Buy art from the artists I represent! Check out the tags for Chicago painter Sheila Arora (https://artistsonthelam.blogspot.com/search/label/sheila%20arora) and Hong Kong photographer Valentina Loffredo (https://artistsonthelam.blogspot.com/search/label/valentina%20loffredo).

For one and two, **30% of proceeds will be donated to the ACLU, Amnesty International, and NRDC.** Fight beside me, and own some neat art while you’re at it!

More details at http://artistsonthelam.blogspot.com/2016/11/holiday-drawing-commissions.html

(Pictured: 15-min. sketch of Shu Qi in The Assassin.)